Moving Tips

Let There Be Light (when you get there)

Packing Tip: Before you pack that floor or desk lamp be sure to remove the bulb and pack it separate.  You might think the safest place for the bulb is screwed inside the lamp, but experience by professional movers has proven this isn’t the case.  And who wants to try and remove that jagged broken base after the fact?

And an extra tip – empty egg cartons make great packing boxes for those light bulbs. 

Pack Pillows not Books

Moving Tip: Well ok you have to pack both of course.  But in VERY different boxes. This is probably obvious to everyone but I'm passing this tip along because it's a mistake I made (seriously).  After college my wife and I were moving to our new home.  We had a LOT of books.  We found a couple of used pillow boxes in dumpsters behind stores.  Big boxes + lots of books = perfect solution.  At this point it probably goes without saying we pretty much couldn't move the boxes after they were loaded and taped shut.

So be wiser than I young Padawan.  Find a few nice sturdy boxes that are probably no larger than 16 x 16 x 16 and your move will go MUCH smoother than mine.