Best time to clean gutters

As spring cleaning is on our minds I’m getting more questions about “When is the best time to clean my gutters?”  Chances are you may be asked as well as you’re out looking at houses with your clients.  Honestly, the best answer is probably “Whenever you have the motivation to do it safely.”

Late fall after all the deciduous leaves have dropped is a common (and valid) recommendation.  But around here we have pine and spruce needles that drop all winter, and I don’t have to tell you we get a lot of rain in the summer as well.  This makes cleaning one’s gutters as worthwhile in the spring as it is in the fall.

More important than when is that you do clean them once a year.  If debris builds up in gutter systems water can cause major problems for rot on fascia, rafter tails, and even siding.   There are a lot of systems for cleaning gutters, including one of the $300 gutter robots pictured here:


My recommendation however is the $5 scoop below.  Life, and home maintenance, just doesn’t need to be that complicated!