Turn, Turn, Turn

For everything there is a season.  If you pay a little attention to your ceiling fan however it can serve you well year around. 


Now that colder weather is upon us you want the front or leading edge of your ceiling fan to be lower than the back.  This will push warm air that gathers at the ceiling back down to your living area.  In the summer warmer months of course you want it the other way around – leading edge higher than the back so you experience a bit of wind chill effect and are cooled by the air pushing down around you.


Most modern fans have a reversing switch located on the hub or center housing.  Watch the fan closely as it starts up and you’ll quickly see which way it’s turning and if it’s not what you want push the switch to the other side and try again.

It’s that simple to stay just a bit warmer using a little less energy.  So now you can go play in the snow (if we get any more this winter).