Second Looks and First Impressions

As a home inspector who regularly works from Kirkland to Arlington, I get to see a lot of houses.  Sometimes I'm asked to come back to a home for a follow-up re-inspection, and I've learned a lot about second looks that pertains to buying a house. 

You MUST get in to see the house as many times as you can while you're deciding if it's the one for you.

I know in this crazy market things move fast.  But I can guarantee you the second or third time you walk through a home you'll see things you'll know were not there the last time.  There is just so much to take in that our brain shuts down and only processes a small percentage of what it sees.

So ask to see the house at least a couple times, take a camera and snap photos of everything, and maybe even take a few notes.  That will help you decide if that first impression was right, especially if you are a first time home buyer and everything is new.

Did they really add that light switch since the last time you were there?