Appliance Insurance, or How to Gamble without Gambling

Home Buying tip: Given that you’re going to be moving into a new home soon there is a better than average chance you will be buying some new major appliances in the near future.  There is just about a 100% chance that appliance salesperson is going to offer you a "great deal" on appliance insurance.  It isn't unheard of for these appliance protection plans to cost nearly 1/4th as much as the appliance itself.  Be sure to give your response some serious consideration before you get to that point in the transaction.


If you have a bit of financial discipline, consider telling the sales person no thank you.  Set up a savings account and deposit the same amount you would pay on your premium into it every month.  You may be surprised how quickly you'll have a fund that will more than cover any future repairs.  And if that washing machine doesn't break (which it probably won't), you can treat yourself to a bonus at the end of the year.