Moving Tips: Corral those Cords!

If you're getting ready to move you may have already felt a shudder go up your back when you thought about moving all the electrical appliances.  Or more specifically how to deal with all those extension and power cords!  I have three proven ideas to help wrangle the wires.

1.      Velcro® Cable Ties.  You can buy them in packs of 5 or rolls of hundreds, and they are MAGIC!  They average around 8" long but you can get different sizes. The good ones have a slot in the end so you can more or less permanently attach it to your cord.  I use these things on cords all the time, not just when I'm moving.

2.      Toilet paper rolls.  I know this one sounds weird but stay with me.  Plan a little ahead and you can have more of these throw-away tubes than you think.  Stick a cord in one then toss it into the box.  Free, easy, and insanely effective.

3.      Tape cords to the back of their appliance.  Buy a roll of duct tape, loop your power cord and stick it to the back of your washing machine, TV screen, computer, whatever.  You'll be surprised how much time it will save you not having to figure out which cord goes to which device. And no one will trip over them as you squeeze the big appliances out that tiny door.

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