Thank you for a very thorough inspection. You are patient and kind. For a first time home buyer that’s wonderful!
— Sherice K

I believe one of the most important types of inspections I do is an inspection for a first time home buyer.  I work hard to make that big jump a little less scary.  My goal is to do everything I can to help you understand your new home.


What do I mean by that?

  • no jargon (glossary embedded into every report)
  • take time to answer your questions
  • physically show you important things like main water and electricity shut-off
  • take covers off furnace and show you how to change the filter
  • explain what to do to maintain your roof


Perhaps most important, I take LOTS of photos of your crawlspace, so you don't have to go down there!

You will hear a lot of information in a short time, because I explain as I inspect.  However, it will be written down in the report so don't stress about remembering everything.  With your inspection I provide a free home maintenance book. This will serve as a valuable tool long after I am gone.

As a first time homebuyer you deserve a little extra care, and I've learned you are my favorite kind of client!

Excellent, thank you so much! Very informative for first-time homebuyers (us!)
— Taylor A
So knowledgeable and courteous! Awesome to work with him. He made the process easy, being our first house and all!
— Valerie P