My first deep exposure to log homes came while living on a ranch in Montana.  Six log buildings constructed from the 1800s to modern day.  Learning the ins and outs of those homes taught me a great appreciation and understanding of log homes.


When you are looking for an inspector for your log home be sure they understand the significant difference in approach needed from inspecting typical homes made with studs. From construction techniques that allow headroom for windows, to the added importance of checking for wood destroying organisms (both insects AND fungus). There are a lot of unique systems in play with log construction and Absolute Pros Home Inspection Service is certified and trained to provide you a quality, affordable log home inspection. 


All homes settle, especially log homes.  Be sure your inspector knows how to look for and evaluate the wide range of settling jack systems used in log homes today.

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You are fabulous! Thank you so much for being such a pleasure to work with, and educating me about log homes.
— Susan G