It's fairly simple to define what I mean by “Top of the Roof to the Bottom of the Crawlspace Inspection®”. It takes a detailed look at all the major systems in the house you are considering buying:

Plumbing system
Electrical system
Heating system
Air conditioning systems
Insulation and ventilation
Fireplaces and stoves
Attached garage or carport

When I drill down to all the subsets contained within my list above - even the State of Washington agrees that is one comprehensive home inspection.  Before your Seattle area home inspection you will receive a copy of the State of Washington Standards of Practice, which outlines in nearly painful detail everything I will (and will not) inspect in your house. 

For example, take that first category - Structure.  Within that group I commit to inspect:

visible foundation, floor framing, roof framing and decking, other support and substructure/superstructure components, stairs, ventilation (when applicable), exposed concrete slabs in garages and habitable areas, grade slabs, walls, posts, piers, beams, joists, trusses, subfloors, chimney foundations, attic components, and inspect crawlspaces and basements for indications of flooding and moisture penetration.

Every category has a detailed breakdown just like Structure.  And I inspect it all for you.  It will be hard to find a home inspector that does a more thorough job.  If you would like to read that “exciting” document in advance I encourage you to do so.  It can be viewed online here. Washington State Standards of Practice.  Let me know if you make it all the way though and I'll buy you a coffee!

Douglas was complete, thoughtful, comprehensive, fair and clear. He was worth every penny of the fee we paid.
— Terry C.

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